Best Breeds Of Guard Dog

Throughout history, one of the main jobs of the domestic dog has been to protect its owners, serving as a guard against unwanted people or animals. While many modern dogs instinctively act as guardians of the home, there are specific breeds that are known to possess the characteristics necessary to better protect against intruders.

That does not mean that all dogs have instinctively to protect us or that they are worth more than others. It is simply a top of the dogs that by history, are designed for the protection of the home.

Due to their temperament, physical strength, courage, loyalty, and resistance to pain, dog trainers consider the following breeds as best breeds of guard dogs.


Brave, loyal and guardian. This breed of British origin is a dog that comes from the cross between the English Mastiff and  Bulldog. Of calm temperament, it is not very barking but that does not fool you as it is always alert to the presence of any stranger.

It is a race recognized for its physical strength, with strong instincts of protection, courage and family loyalty.

In the family environment, they are docile dogs that always look for the company. Males are more guardians than females. This giant is not only very strong but also knows how to move each of its powerful muscles with agility and speed.

With this dog, you will have the protection assured. This animal is incredibly intelligent and uses its strength responsibly.


Agile and protective. It is a race of German origin, effectively serves as guardian. Its main function or for which it was created comes from the old tax collectors centuries ago. The Doberman verified that no assailant crossed the way of the collector. That’s where his reputation for guardians comes from.

If you have a large space, the Doberman is a good option. It is light, fast, and very clever. They have a determined expression, they are loyal by nature and their senses of alert are highly developed. This coupled with its incredible speed and agility make the Doberman the exceptional silent guardian.

As for its owner, he must be understanding, focused and responsible. The Doberman has an aggressive behavior by nature, although he rarely attacks members of his family. It is necessary that they are trained to coexist with harmony.

German Shepherd

This breed is relatively new, its origin is given in the 1900s. It served mainly in colonial Germany as a herding dog since they are dogs developed to watch the sheep. Thanks to their strength, ease to be trained and obedience, they are the favorite breed for many when it comes to performing various tasks such as guard dog, blind guide, lifeguard, police, fireman.

This is due to the fact that they are extremely intelligent dogs and that they learn very quickly.

His nose is developed for tracking and searching. Their speed, courage, audacity, and elegance postulate them as one of the best guard dogs of the home. They are calm and companions.


Protective instinct. The Rottweiler is another dog of German origin. It was a dog that in its beginnings was used to shepherd cattle and to drag cars. These dogs are still used for grazing today and are also frequently used as search dogs, guardians, police dogs and so on.

They are family protectors and extremely loyal. They may have problems with strangers who feel they threaten their home since they have a very protective instinct.

If you have a focused, responsible and loving owner, you will not have aggression problems. The best thing to soften your character is socialization, walks, and training.

Giant Schnauzer

The great persuasive. This giant is a race that was forged in Germany centuries ago. It is the largest of its breed variety. It is a territorial dog that is usually distrustful of strangers.

It can be aggressive like any other defense race, so it is necessary that you have a basic obedience training.

Above all, you must socialize with a puppy to avoid problems or attitudes harmful to their environment.

They are loyal dogs by nature, who enjoy family life and are very strong. Excellent protectors of the home.

It is one of the most persuasive race that exists, this characteristic is due to its territorial behavior, it also has a black coat that covers its eyes and intentions. They tend to be always attentive to what happens to their surroundings.

They are ready to protect at all times.

Owning a powerful breed dog carries an additional responsibility because while these dogs are known not only for being guardians but also for being good for the family, they must be well trained to avoid hurting strangers or other dogs.

In order to guarantee their well-being and that of third parties, they must be trained and have them socialize correctly.