How To Avoid Separation In Relationship

A very special way to prevent marriage risks is to promote those elements or factors that help to prevent the breakup of a couple so that the marriage reaches stability throughout their life together.

There are many elements that contribute to this. Let’s look at this factors that can help avoid separation.

Have things in common in many aspects of life:

They say that the opposite poles attract each other. But we are talking about couples, about marriages. The differences always separate. A relationship becomes stronger the greater the affinity of the spouses. We are not going to be so equal that we are like those marriages that are worn as brothers and sisters. That is not a marriage. It is good and healthy that there are differences. But always in the little things. This is the salt of life.

In the basic things, there should not be too many tensions, because then coexistence will be impossible. Let’s see something as simple as a big difference in age. For a certain time, ages can be compatible.

Have a balance in the relationship:

This is called reciprocity. If one is always giving, and never receives, where will that relationship come from? In marriage, I do not give for you to give me. I’m supposed to give because I love you. That’s fine. But I, I also need to receive. You’re supposed to give too.

How is the measure of giving and receiving established? Each of the marriages resolves according to their particular understanding. There are no rules here. Only that, the spouses must reach a balance between giving and receiving. This is what I call a balance between listening and expression. I listen. And I also want to have the opportunity to express myself.


Always empathy. Put yourself in the place of the other. Do not act according to our thinking, but also put ourselves in the skin of the other. The wife in the skin of the husband. The husband in the skin of the wife. It would be very convenient that from time to time, we would ask the other for how do you see it?

Cooperate with each other:

It’s that simple As simple as that. To overcome this stress, we need cooperation in our marriage. Remember that a section of the marital commitment is cooperation, mutual help between spouses. Life always puts us in moments that, if we are together (for example, a disease, a change of work, issues that can ruin our plans) we can overcome these difficulties. Then as a couple, we can contemplate that of “Together we are invincible”. This friend gives incredible strength to the marriage. Imagine being able to say: “I do not know what will happen tomorrow.

But I know that always my (spouse) will be next to me. Whatever happens ” I like the world with this security.

Share wishes and goals in life:

You have to feel united by a common project of life. Many marriages have in common raising children. This is good. But this is short. What happens when the children are raised and leave home? Children should not be the only element that holds a marriage together.

That today, after raising children, we have many years of life in common. It is necessary to have new projects for this future that we still have left.

Marriage must have joint projects and goals, from the beginning.